Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #56-58: Raleighwood!

I spent the weekend in one of my favorite cities: Raleigh:) I mean who doesn't hold a special place in their heart for their college town. When I was driving through campus, I got really sad and it made me realize how much I miss college (note: I do NOT miss school at all, JUST college:)).
This weekend was special for a lot of reasons. It was my best friend's 30th birthday, I got to meet her daughter for the first time, a YaYa reunion, and it was also the NCSU tennis reunion. Hello emotions....
So Friday was spent meeting my new favorite person, Charlotte. She is the most cuddly, fun, sweet, beautiful little girl I have ever met:) Can you tell I love her so much already?
She has the BEST facial expressions ever:) She makes my heart smile. All of my favorite YaYas from college came in town as well...we went to an awesome dinner and just stayed up talking for hours. It was wonderful.

Saturday was spent celebrating the birth of my bestie Shae:) We went to lunch, went shopping, went to dinner, and out on the town. Granted, I felt really old being in a bar in a college town, but we can still rock it:) Demel made the trip with me with made it even better!

Sunday was the NCSU tennis reunion! And it was so awesome to see my old teammates and see the new facility. It was such an awesome blast from the past and we had such a good time catching up. Here is a pic of the new facility

Such a fun weekend:) I miss Raleigh, my friends, and baby Charlotte already!

Day #52-55: Photo Fail

I'm not going to lie. I absolutely forgot to take pictures all of last week. It was a rough week with work and I was so distracted that I absolutely forgot. I can give you a quick recap of my week:) Work, Work, Work. I should just post a picture of a bottle of wine because that is what happened after work, work, work. I promise I do have pictures of the weekend!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Days #49-51: Colorful weekend

It is a sure sign that Spring is on the horizon when all you want to see is bright colors:) Or that you are about to go to Hawaii and you are in full-time summer mode! So I went shopping this weekend and sure enough, everything I bought was incredibly colorful:) I shouldn't complain because this has been the most mild winter EVER, but when can I start wearing everything bright? Is it too soon?

Oh and I went and got a mani/pedi with Kelsey this weekend...more bright colors! And I heard on the Today show today, yes I'm obsessed with the Today show, that the new color for Spring is neon...I think I'm on top of that:)

On I don't even want to post a picture from Friday because all I did was sleep...and fly back to KC. I left the hospital at 6am, went straight to the airport, was home by 1, slept until 6...went to bed at 8...lame. But a picture a day is a picture a day...so here is picture of where I spent my Friday...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day # 48....

I kind of just want to leave this picture up and let everyone come up with their own ideas of why I was at a sketchy liquor store on the border near Juarez, Mexico....but I am safe and sound now, don't worry!:)
Birthday boy Tom, who we work work, had to work on a conversion on his birthday...terrible. So we decided to go buy him a bottle of Tequila for his birthday. Well we couldn't find a liquor store, so we asked the guys at Subway where the closest one was. They had no idea. So this lady told us about this amazing establishment. My inner debate was, do I stay in the car literally two blocks from Juarez, or go into this place. The guys made me go with them. So the one exciting thing I did today...risk my life;)

Day #47: Conversions = Sleep + Work

You literally sleep and work when you are on conversions...it is even worse when you work the night shift. I'm not even really sure what day it is (?) I think day #47 was Wednesday. Wednesday included of working from midnight to 7, eating breakfast, taking nyquil, sleeping until 4, running a few miles, and back to work...exciting huh? Here is a picture of the sun setting behind the mountains in El Paso. Yep, the desert does have some mountains:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day #46: Happy Valentine's Day to Me:)

I'm working night shift this week (boo!), so I spent the majority of the day trying to get on night shift mode...which included sleeping as much as possible. I slept in as late as I could, which was not very late...went to breakfast...took a three hour nap....watched Something Borrowed...a lot of Law and Order SVU...and ran. The highlight of my Valentine's Day was getting room service. I love room service. I always get excited when my hotel as a restaurant because I know I'm going to get awesome room service.

Turkey Avocado Club with Sweet Potato Fries....Happy Valentine's Day to me! <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recovery Weekend and First Snow....

Days #42-45....
So I spent the weekend catching up with friends and recovering from my trip de Alaska..it was a much needed recovery weekend...
Friday night I went to Bo-lings (favorite Chinese restaurant in KC) with Becky and our friend Mitch..then we were crazing and went home and watched Dateline..I know, so exciting;) But I love me some Dateline....
Saturday was spent brunching with Jenn, cleaning, unpacking, catching up on life, I ran 5 miles, then finally got to see my long lost friend Erin:) We went to sushi (with Jenn too!) and another exciting ending of the night by watching yet some more TV:)
I went to Church with some friends on Sunday, did my taxes, went to see Safe House (really good!) and then made Paula Dean's Mac and Cheese (yummy!) and watched the Grammy's....okay I actually did a lot this weekend....!!! But it was nice to be home for at least 3 days in a row...and then it snowed. The first snow on February 13th, isn't so bad though right?!? Enjoy some pics from the weekend!:) I flew to El Paso tonight, and I'm sure everyone knows it is not the safest city to be in, so I will not be venturing out much.. so get ready for some excilerating pictures of my hotel room:)

Becks and I at Bo-lings...

Jenn, Demel, and I at Sushi....

Our cute little neighborhood...it was too pretty not to take a picture of:)

Our backyard...the first snow...